Neutrogena Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :60



Clone (1998)

Director/Cinematographer, feature

  1. Humanity is on the brink of extinction following the third world war.  The only hope for survival is to find the one man who could genetically father a new cloned race of humans.

  2. “Clone” premiered at Sundance, features 3,000 extras, 650 digital effects shots and 48 locations and was all produced out of Jason’s basement when he was 22 years old.

  3. Winner, Golden CINE Award

  4. Winner, Golden CINE Special Jury Prize

  5. Winner, Telly Award - Best Director

  6. Winner, Telly Award - Best Cinematography

Icon Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :30

KettleFusion Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, 2:00


6Pak Jak Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, 2:00

Time and Again (2002)

Director/Cinematographer, feature

  1. With no memory of his crimes, convicted convict Bobby Jones is thrown back in time to July 14, 1958... six hours before the murder. He struggles to discover the true murder until he meets the diner waitress Awanda.

  2. Winner, Telly Award - Best Director

  3. Winner, Telly Award - Best Cinematography

Fred and Vinnie (2010)

Cinematographer, feature

  1. Fred and Vinnie are middle-aged misfits trying to make it in Hollywood. Directed by Steve Skrovan, Executive Producer of Everybody Loves Raymond.

  2. Winner, Christopher Wetzel Award for Best Independent Film Comedy

  3. Official Selection, Slamdance FIlm Festival

  4. Winner, Best of Festival, Alexandria Film Festival

  5. Winner, Best Feature, Beverly Hills Film Festival



Isagenix (2010)

Cinematographer, Marketing

  1. This video consists of studio environments, on-location interviews, green screen composites and some really cool high-speed product cinematography.

The World Without US

Director/Cinematographer, feature

  1. Jason traveled to 20 countries to explore what would happen if the US were to withdraw its military from all foreign countries.

Transcendent Man

Cinematographer, feature

  1. Ray Kurzweil is America’s leading contemporary inventor and futurist. His prediction that our technology will transcend out biology is the subject of this engaging documentary.

  1. Tribeca Film Festival

  2. AFI Fest

  3. IDFA

Meth: Inside Out

Cinematographer, series

  1. This three part series explores the journey of addiction and treatment of one of the most dangerous drugs in existence.

  1. Silver Telly Award

  2. Gold Winner - Interactive Graphics

  3. Gold Winner - Davey Awards

  4. Platinum Award - AVA Awards

  5. Award of Excellence - Documentary Videographer Awards

  6. Award of Excellence - View Impact Accolade

Transform 12 (2009)

Cinematographer, 30 min infomercial

  1. A classic fitness infomercial with product shots, interviews, before and afters, case studies and hosts shot on a soundstage.

Yudu (2009)

Cinematographer, 30 min infomercial

  1. Shot over 24 days across the United States, this national infomercial features a process trailer, soundstage elements, and extensive interviews.

Currency (2010)

Director, Cinematographer, short

  1. The mayor of Los Angeles is abducted two weeks before the election, with all political factions manipulating the incident through the media for their own personal gain.

Happy Birthday Little Gracie (2005)

Cinematographer, short

  1. A middle aged couple videotapes a message for their as-of-yet unborn first daughter, with the hopes she’ll watch it when she turns 18. Unfortunately, the camera reveals more truths to them then they realized.

National Geographic Explorer: Born to Rage

Cinematographer, special

  1. One of every three men has a gene that leads to an increased tendency towards violence. This show explores whether a man’s environment supersedes this genetic tendency.

Matthews Studio Equipment: Monitor Mayhem (2008)


  1. A marketing video with a narrative spoof opening.

Matthews Studio Equipment: Dolly Drama (2008)


  1. A marketing video with a narrative spoof opening.

Paul Mitchell Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :30

ExtenZe (2009)

Director/Cinematographer, 30 min infomercial

  1. We closed the California Speedway for this 4-day shoot, employed a crew of 52, with 250 extras and 6 camera units. We lit a one-mile stretch of the racetrack at night and staged a race between an indie car and a stock car.

Alone (2008)

Director, Cinematographer, short

  1. Shot as a sequence of “The World Without US,” I decided to make this segment it’s own short, which tells the story of three survivors after a nuclear attack on Japan.

Monster.com Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :30

Verizon Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :30

Hope Academies Commercial 1

Director/Cinematographer, :30

Hope Academies Commercial 2

Director/Cinematographer, :30

Life Skills Center Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :30

Healthy Start Commercial

Director/Cinematographer, :30